Peterson – Wild Atlantic

Blend Type English
Contents Latakia, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia
Flavoring None – spice/pepper
Cut Ribbon
Packaging 40g pouch
 Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5

wildatlanticI’m still alive… I’ve just been so damn busy the last few weeks I just haven’t had time to really sit down and write anything let alone muster the incredible mental focus *pfft* required to come up with a quality review. But today I decided to bite the bullet; sit down, focus and write a freaking review even if it killed me. To make it easy on myself I have decided to review Peterson’s Wild Atlantic but don’t be fooled, I’m not reviewing this because it’s a weak product or an uninteresting blend. I’m reviewing Wild Atlantic because it’s absolutely-freaking-awesome so it’s pretty easy to write about.

Years ago, when I started getting serious about pipe smoking I did what a lot of people do, bought a cheap basket pipe and some bulk tobaccos from a local B&M. I picked up a few ounces of different tobaccos and absolutely fell in love with a blend called English Squire. It was my first English blend and for a while the only thing I wanted to smoke was English tobaccos. I like to think of this as my angst-ridden, emo pipe smoking years but without nearly as much hair, fashion sense or self-entitlement.

Pipe Emo… but with about 200% less douche

While I was struggling to find my own pipe smoking identity (people just didn’t get me man… they didn’t get me!) I was also trying a lot of different English tobaccos and learning quite a bit about them. More importantly I was learning what I liked and didn’t like when it came to pipe tobacco, especially English blended tobaccos. Thanks to these formative years one day I will write my magnum opus on the legendary Nightcap by Dunhill, then the world will both respect and fear me… Until then however lets just get on with this review shall we?

It’s a Pouch?
Yeah that’s right, it’s in a pouch. Some people might turn their noses up at this but before you do let me assure you that it’s actually a really nice pouch. The exterior of the pouch has a very classy looking graphic and I enjoy the fact that they put a little “slide indicator” on the back to tell you the Strength, Aromatic Taste and Room Note of the product. The interior of the pouch is a gold foil that also adds to the overall attractiveness of the presentation.


When you crack this baby open you won’t be completely assaulted by a strong Latakia scent. Sure, you will smell the smokey campfire aroma but it’s not as in your face as other English blends. I thought that was a nice change of pace because sometimes it feels like blenders pile on more Latakia than needed but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Wild Atlantic. The tobacco itself is loose (ribbon cut) but has been pressed into a kinda pouch shaped chunk of tobacco that was just a little damp when I opened my pouch. I broke up a little bit of it and let it air dry for a few minutes before loading my bowl but I’m sure results may very from pouch to pouch.

Into the Wild
My very first bowl of this blend was a real eye opener. I was outside at the time and it wasn’t horribly cold so I lit my pipe and immediately noticed that this blend was very mellow compared to some English blends I’ve tried over the years. It wasn’t a Latakia bomb, it wasn’t horribly robust and best of all the flavor was incredibly smooth. I didn’t really examine the tobacco that much with my first bowl I just enjoyed it and relaxed.

I was about halfway through the pouch when I thought I should probably start taking better notes and get my act together for this review. As I’ve said the best quality of this blend is that it’s an easy going smoke so It doesn’t overload your senses with one particular quality so the orientals and Latakia play nice together while you’re smoking it. Even more important is the fact that over the course of my time with Atlantic Wild I’ve noticed that for a relatively easy smoke there is a lot going on in the background when you start to pay attention.

Shipping Out
When you light up Wild Atlantic for the first time you will probably be surprised by how well rounded it is. You get all of the flavors you would expect but none of that sharp cloying taste that can happen with a Latakia rich blend. Everything about this blend is textbook when it comes to lighting and burning. It stays lit very well and burns evenly creating a nice white ash in your pipe. The best part is how bright and fresh the flavor comes out in Wild Atlantic. Obviously there is an earthy, smokey quality you expect from an English tobacco but it’s not as “heavy” as you might expect it to be. If you think of your typical English blend as a dark stout beer, Wild Atlantic is more of a brown ale. Something about it is more crisp and light than what most of us have come to expect and to me that makes it a really unique smoke.

Getting into the middle of a bowl of Wild Atlantic you will notice a few changes in the taste. The Latakia will become a little more present but it’s not going to mutiny on you and the lighter qualities of the tobacco stay very active. There is a bit of a spicy/pepper flavor going on that I don’t really get right away but seems to develop as the tobacco is stewing in it’s own flavors. To me this is what I like in a tobacco, it builds off of existing flavors and qualities but doesn’t abandon them at any point. Over the course of several bowls I’ve been really impressed with how consistent the flavor becomes from the mid point on. Once you hit that “sweet spot” it really is smooth sailing with this blend and if you take your time and gently puff on your pipe you will be rewarded with a consistent smoke packed full of flavor and enjoyment.


Land Ho!
It’s over? It kinda sneaks up on you but eventually you are just sucking air and you realize the voyage has ended. Like I said this stuff has a remarkable ability to stay consistent from mid-bowl until the end and you will be surprised that it’s over because you really don’t end up with any of the tell-tale signs you’re getting close to the bottom of the bowl. No gurgle at all even with the tobacco being a little moist in the pouch. It doesn’t get hot or sour towards the end and I didn’t notice any of that “chalky” ash flavor that sometimes happens with the last little bit of tobacco. When this happened to me the first time I was surprised but dismissed it because I thought I wasn’t paying attention. But, as it turns out I was able to repeat this multiple times over the last few days/weeks smoking Wild Atlantic. To me this is a very attractive feature and speaks volumes about the blend and it’s quality.

Final Destination
I was completely blown away with Wild Atlantic and have since ordered more of it. I keep it with me most of the time and smoke at least a bowl or two every day. Is it the be all end all of English blends? I wouldn’t go that far but it possesses a few characteristics that I (personally) really enjoy about a blend. Easy to smoke on a daily basis and it doesn’t get as taxing as some English blends. It gives you just enough Latakia without being a “Lat-bomb” so you get the flavors without being completely overloaded. Finally and most important (in my opinion) it smokes well in any size bowl. I’ve had long voyages with this in large chamber bowls as well as short little adventures in small nose warmers and it performs well every time. It stays consistent and lets you choose the way you want to smoke it. To me that makes Wild Atlantic a winner when it comes to a quality tobacco you can enjoy in just about any situation at any time.


  1. Thanks fellas… been a stressful few weeks working 10 or 12 hour shifts 6 days a week. Not a lot of time to focus on a tobacco review. But I was starting to feel like I was dropping the ball so I had to write something. Glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Had the chance to grab a pouch if this last week., I really like it! Falls somewhere between Squadron Leader and Nightcap on my scale of English blends. I’ll be adding a few to the cellar, I think. Thanks for putting me on to this blend!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. No problem Charles… Glad you like it! I think it’s probably one of my favorite (everyday English) blends. It’s not as overpowering as some English but you still get a good taste of Latakia and such. It’s a well balanced blend… yeah that’s the term I’m looking for! Balanced…


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