Pipe Tobacco Reviews

I smoke a lot of different kinds of pipe tobacco. I usually don’t keep track of all of them for no other reason than I’m kinda lazy like that. But when I find something that I really like I usually write down a few notes about it. Over time I compile a pretty good “review” of the tobacco in question. So for those of you who are looking to try a few different tobaccos or just want to hear an honest (no fluff) review of a particular tobacco feel free to check out my reviews.

How do I rate the tobacco I review here? I use a simple 1 – 5 rating system. 1 of course being the lowest and 5 being the highest. This is an over-all rating of the tobacco and everything from room note to tin note is taken into account when I give the tobacco it’s final score. Just so everyone is on the same page this is how I view each score.

1 – Not so hot. I didn’t enjoy it and wouldn’t recommend it or buy it again.
2 – A decent offering but not something I would smoke on a daily basis.
3 – Worthwhile but not amazing. It would be a solid “everyday” smoke.
4 – Now we’re talking! This is a damn fine tobacco.
5 – World class, one of a kind, incredible gift from the tobacco gods.

captain black regularCaptain Black Regular

a1f7920156c8287f0600Half and Half

pb-mcfGrey Havens

12219373_1059657070746149_2199198559309102062_nAutumn Evening by Cornell & Diehl

1293828142-Cornell Diehl Black FrigateBlack Frigate by Cornell & Diehl

011-617-0113Haunted Bookshop by Cornell & Diehl

003-293-0027Midnight Ride by Dan Tobacco