I used to be one of those people who thought “vaping” was kind of stupid. I had one of those little “pen” vapes and some shitty juice from China or wherever and I just never really enjoyed it. As a cigarette smoker I just never found anything that could replace my “coffin nails” Then I walked into Bunny’s Vapor Lounge in Massillon Ohio. John the owner showed me the error of my ways and took the time to really school me on vaping. Now I’m hooked and I can’t imagine a day without my vape. The coolest part about vaping is the wide selection of flavors available. Just like pipes and cigars you have nearly a limitless selection to choose from and to be honest the spectrum of flavor is much wider in vaping.

When I review a juice I like to approach it from the same standpoint as a pipe tobacco or cigar. Some of the same rules apply which makes it even easier to get into the hobby of vaping especially if you are a pipe smoker. Check out my reviews below, I’m always trying new flavors so I will be adding to this section pretty often.

VCT-510x600Ripe Vapes -VCT

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