Scoundrels Pipe & Cigar Club

Our first meeting on September 10th 2015

Scoundrels North East Ohio (NEO) Pipe & Cigar Club (Founding Chapter)
Last year I had a crazy idea… I contacted a few friends of mine to see if anyone would be interested in getting together to enjoy a few pipes and cigars at one of the local B&M’s in our area. On that fateful night we met up and bullshitted for a few hours and finally came to the realization that a “club” was in order. Thus was born the Scoundrel’s North East Ohio Pipe & Cigar Club. Over the last few months our group has grown to include over 100 members and we have expanded our online community to include a number of people from other areas of the country.

Our goal is to promote the enjoyment of luxury tobaccos and the fellowship that comes from a bunch of people getting together over a pipe or cigar and having a good time. We have a lot of things planned for the club and hopefully over the coming years we can build an even bigger community of tobacco enthusiasts.

If you would like to join our Facebook group you can visit us here. Scoundrels Pipe & Cigar Club Information for starting your own regional chapter will be made available very soon.


The Scoundrels are proud members of the United Pipe Clubs of America (UPCA) visit our club portal page here… UPCA Scoundrels Page