Roberto Duran la punta

Made By Roberto P. Duran Premium Cigars
Wrapper Ecuador Habana Criollo
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Size Length: 6″ Ring Gauge: 54
 Overall Rating 5 out of 5

12498565_10153365540866239_1302778364_nThe appearance of this cigar was what really struck my eye. The Ecuadorian Havana criollo wrapper that had only a few veins, the navy blue and shiny silver band that resembles a shield and the flawless construction was what made this a must try for me.

The smell at the foot of the Duran is fantastic citrus mixed with rich tobacco and the cool drawl produced the same flavors with just a hint of spice.

First Third
The cigar lit beautifully and the first drawl produced a good amount of white thick smoke. The first flavor right off the rip is full of citrus and white pepper with a great cedar taste in the retro hale.

Second Third
The ash still hasn’t fallen off and is a very light grey color with almost no tooth. The flavors have switched to a nice rich Cuban tobacco with a smoked cream flavor there is still a nice  citrus fruit and cedar flavor on the retro hale as well as some white pepper lurking in the background. The burn on this cigar is razor sharp and so far has required zero touch ups or relights.

Final Third
The white pepper has really kicked it up a notch and the distinctive Cuban tobacco flavor with it’s citrus quality is outstanding. The smokey cream flavor has now moved to the retro hale leaving the white pepper flavor as a great finish to this cigar.


This might be one of the best cigars that I’ve ever had the opportunity to smoke. It is with out a doubt the closest thing to a Cuban cigar you can buy without breaking the bank and to be honest, I would actually prefer this cigar over a Cuban any day. I really want to give some sort of negative criticism about this cigar but I honestly can’t. It’s just a damn good smoke and the amount and quality of flavors will really blow you away. I my opinion you can’t beat this cigar for 10-12 dollars that’s why I gave the Roberto Duran la punta, 5 out of 5.


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