A Wander Through the Lighter Side of Pipes

An entertaining article from Dads Pipes. I need to find one of those desk pipes ASAP!

I thought I’d switch things up a bit today with a look at the lighter side of Pipe History and some  unique and sometimes bizarre inventions that pipers have seen over the years.

70c68fac788e0ad2cf7192e6f9a4963aI’ll start off with this well-intentioned invention. We all know that pipe smoking can bring people together from all walks of life – the ritual, the camaraderie, the long discussions about just about anything that crop up over a bowl, be it briar, cob or meer. However, I think this creative pipemaker took things a bit too far with this Pipe for Two. The little guy needs to stand on a box, and I don’t know anyone who wants to be quite this up-close-and-personal with anyone while in conversation.

1102_lrmp_02_o-car_culture_tobacco_paraphernalia-pipe_holderThe Post-War economic boom in North America saw a huge growth in the automotive industry, and this gadget was perfect for the pipe-smoking motorist – a dash-mounted pipe holder…

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