Thor’s Hammer – Viking Snuff

Type Tobacco
Category Non-Mentholated
Flavoring Natural Tobacco
Grind Medium/Fine
Nicotine Level High
Moisture Medium Moist
Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5

CX95tILWQAAj-YxIt’s been a while since I’ve wrote a nasal snuff review so I thought maybe I should get off my ass and do one. My first snuff review was a little lacking since I really didn’t know which direction I wanted to take things but now that I have a few reviews under my belt I feel a little more confident with the bullshit I’m spewing.

The Hammer Falls
Thor’s Hammer was one of the snuff’s on my wishlist for quite some time. I would have my finger on the trigger and then at the last minute I would get suckered into buying something else because I’m an idiot like that. Eventually I placed my annual snuff order and included Thor’s Hammer in the mix. By Odin’s beard I’m glad I did!

To be completely honest, one of the reasons I didn’t go for Thor’s Hammer sooner was the packaging. It really isn’t much to look at and there are a lot more interesting logos and labels out there that make this one kinda… “blah”… which is really a shame because what is inside this tin is absolutely FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! In fact I would say that the labeling of this snuff is probably the only thing that I don’t like about it.

When my order FINALLY arrived, I ripped into it and the first tins I opened was Thor’s Hammer. Right away I was impressed with the quality of the grind and the soft, light, slightly moist appearance of this snuff. The aroma was a mixture of campfire and the peaty, damp smell of a forest after it rains. It has been my experience that most “natural” tobacco flavored snuffs all smell and taste like burning leaves or a bonfire. So smelling this and experiencing something other than the norm was really exciting.

It's like shoving all of this in your nose and then lighting it on fire... kinda...
It’s like shoving all of this in your nose and then lighting it on fire… kinda…

Up Thy Norse… I mean nose.
My first sniff of this turned out even better than I imagined. The slightly damp quality of the tobacco made it incredibly easy to take without shooting it into the back of my throat and it settled nicely in the front of my nose completely flooding me with it’s incredibly earthy flavors. Even knowing what to expect I was blasted with a somewhat strong “burn” for a few seconds causing my front teeth to feel numb just long enough for me to know I got a good toot. Once things settled down I was really able to experience the full flavor qualities present in this snuff.

Unlike other “natural” snuffs I’ve tried this wasn’t nearly as smokey. Thor’s Hammer has a much more earthy quality to it that really makes it enjoyable. If you are a fan of the outdoors it will immediately make you think of walking in the woods or going for a hike along a river. There is still a smokey smell here but it’s more of a subtle scent and not as pronounced as the mossy, peaty flavors at work. Every so often I would also detect a mild leather scent that was also very subdued but not unpleasant by any means. After that first sniff I went back for more and spent the rest of the day in sensory heaven… or Asgard I guess.

The nicotine level of this snuff is also very impressive and as a smoker it does a great job of keeping you satisfied for a long time. I usually keep snuff in my nose for about a half hour but Thor’s Hammer really went the distance and I probably went an hour or more before I finally felt it had run its course. Based on this alone I would highly recommend it to anyone that is trying to cut back on how much they smoke, especially as cigarette smoker such as myself.


This is what Valhalla smells like…
So having instantly fallen in love with Thor’s Hammer, (yes.. I know exactly how that sounds) I ordered several more offerings from Viking Snuff. I don’t know if I would recommend Thor’s Hammer to a novice as it is a little light and without knowing what you are doing I could see this going south really quick. In addition because of the higher nicotine hit you are going to get I could see a newbie really ending up with the spins from this stuff. While it’s not nearly as deadly as American Scotch snuffs I would put this firmly in the “established” snuff user category. The only reason Thor’s Hammer doesn’t score a perfect 5 out of 5 is because of the packaging. I would love to see Viking Snuff update their labels with something truly befitting the kick ass product they are selling. But based on the snuff alone this is as close to perfect as you are going to get in a natural tobacco snuff. If you haven’t tried it already I would recommend picking some up as soon as you can. It’s worth every penny and you get a shit load of it in every tin.



  1. Having just filled my nose with Thor’s Hammer I agree with this review all the way, right down to the “nothing special” packaging.
    However, not to get too hung on the label as it’s what’s inside that I buy it for.

    I don’t really enjoy “confectionary” type snuffs, even menthol rarely graces my olfactory system but I keep a tin of this gear in my pocket at all times along with a ‘stiff’ S.P …. heaven!


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