Square Snuff

square_bigName: Square Snuff
Type: tobacco snuff
Category: non-mentholated
Flavor: Natural Tobacco
Ease of Snuffing: Hard
Moisture: Dry
Nicotine Level: High
Score: 3/5

Ah… Good’ol Square Snuff. You were my first snuff and I will remember you forever… Because you almost killed me. Okay to be fair I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing the first time I ever tried nasal snuff. Now that I am a little more experienced I can take Square without any problems but for a beginner I would never recommend this brand. It is far too light and powdery for a new snuffer and you are going to end up with it in your throat which I can tell you from experience… Isn’t fun on any level.

Grind – Square is an American Scotch snuff so it is powdery, dry and extremely light. The grind itself is consistent and when you open the tin you will be amazed at how light and fluffy the snuff is. The color itself is a light brown and there isn’t really anything to remarkable about it.

Flavor – Natural and smokey. It is a great snuff for working outside in the fall if you are raking leaves or just hanging out around a fire having a few beers. It actually smells just like a campfire. So if you are an outdoorsy kind of person who loves the smell of campfire this is probably right in your wheelhouse. There isn’t anything complex here, no hidden notes of spice or fruit or anything. Straight up smokey tobacco is all you are getting from this bad boy.

Sniffing – I’ve found that even after all these years you can’t really “sniff” this stuff. You almost have to rub it into your nose and then just breath in GENTLY!!! Giving this a good toot is going to end badly with the snuff in your sinuses and in the back of your throat. This isn’t going to be fun and once your head stops burning and your eyes stop watering you will probably just want to throw the can in the trash. Generally when I take this I put a small amount on the tip of my finger and gently rub it into my nose while breathing in slightly. This lets you get it into the front of your nose where you want it without letting too much into the sinuses.

Overall – Square is a snuff that I keep around for occasions like yard work or sitting by the fire in the evening. It’s a pretty simple snuff which can be nice at times because you don’t need to sit and critique it… It is what it is… I especially enjoy it in the fall when people are burning leaves and the air is a little cooler. I wouldn’t recommend it to a beginner but once someone has the hang of snuffing it is a solid product that is worth giving a shot.

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